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About Us

We are a residential & commercial wood fired oven company that makes AUSTRALIA’S MOST POPULAR multi-purpose wood fired oven.

Our registered designs (1998) utilises our ‘no-brick’ technology – the easiest D.I.Y. pizza oven build, that also gives you the longest heat retention.

We believe that everyone should be able to afford and enjoy the benefits of a wood fired pizza oven. Our ovens are available in various sizes, DIY or Pre-Built.

We’ve built the most residential & commercial wood fired pizza ovens in Australia and have expanded to Europe, Asia and USA with our unique ‘NO BRICK’ technology.
  • Our registered designs utilise our unique ‘no-brick’ build, employing our DIY made-easy 3 part purified refractory CLAY shell system
  • Heating to 800 degrees (not recommended for cooking) inside, yet is cool to touch outside (like an igloo!)
  • One of the easiest DIY Kits to assemble with a 15 step “How to D.I.Y.” DVD. Build Our D.I.Y. Made-Easy Pizza Oven in less than 5hrs
  • Light our oven to 400 degrees in less than 40 minutes, with heat retained for up to 12hrs once the fire has gone out so cooking overnight with the residual heat is a must!
  • Our pizza ovens use a very small amount of wood – 6 “1 litre milk carton” size cut wood per evening
  • Kid and pet safe
  • Full range of accessories available on our online shop
  • Community & Professional Endorsement
  • Our ovens are also endorsed by Jiffy Firelighters & Laucke Flour.
  • Our VIDEOS show wood fired oven DIY Pizza ASSEMBLY and tips, as well as RECIPES from well know celebrity chefs!