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Woodfired Tapas Experience

Relax in our Bali Style Villa garden in Iluka with friends and family,

There are 4 tables of 4 available so maximum is 16 guests.

Book for a private event or come with friends for a woodfired cooking food experience.

WHERE - Iluka WA

COST - $100 per person for a 7 course woodfired Tapas experience.


Held fortnightly on a Saturday evening 5:30pm-9pm from January to April - please see the session times on the booking page for confirmed available dates

Private functions can be requested for the afternoon 12:30pm - 4pm or evening 5:30pm - 9pm,

We like to vary our menu, so here are some EXAMPLES ONLY of what surprises you will be in for:

  • Pizza of course!

  • Naan Bread (filled with a surprise)

  • Haloumi & Chorizo Salad

  • Tandoori Chicken on or off the bone 

  • Seafood (Prawns, Cray, Salmon) 

  • Lamb (Moroccan Cutlets, Rosemary Leg of Lamb) 

  • Pork (Ribs, Belly or skewers, Pulled Pork) 

  • Mediterranean Woodfired Vegetables 

Even the humble potato will take you by surprise!

Examples of Desserts Served:

  • Woodfired Desserts (Not Pizza)

  • Fruit Bruschetta 

  • Baked Red Wine Pears 

  • Caramel Banana Tart Tartan 




Mediterranean-Woodfired-Ovens-Garden-Event      Mediterranean-Woodfired-Ovens-Garden-Event-02      Mediterranean-Woodfired-Ovens-Garden-Event-03